Apr 15, 2010

Back in the Habit

Day 105 - April 15, 2010

Weight Lost: 13 lbs.

If you're reading this you probably haven't thought much about the Total Wellness Plan for a very long time. I apologize for a lack of postings. Even though I haven't been writing very much, I have been very busy.

Today, I started my 6th week at Weight Watchers. I decided to go back because I needed the accountability of the program to keep me on track. I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't know if I could or wanted to stick with it. I thought about giving up several times. As soon as the weather got warm and I was able to walk outside, everything changed. My attitude improved, and all the items necessary for me to be successful fell into place. I knew it was now or never.

So far I have lost about 13 pounds. That's an average of almost 3 pounds a week, which is a good amount of weight to lose. It hasn't all been easy. There have been several ups and downs, including the trip to Nashville for Easter. However, I've kept going, which is what is important. I would like to maintain an average of 2 pounds a week which would put me in a great position in one year. I have to be realistic however and expect that it may take 2 years to achieve my goal weight. That's ok. I'm not in a rush. This is going to have to be a lifestyle that I keep up for the rest of my life. It really doesn't matter when I get there, as long as I constantly move forward.

I am excited to keep going and see all the progress I'll make in the months to come. I'm hoping to have lost around 50 pounds by my birthday in September. If I do then I can go shopping because I'll probably have to buy many new clothes.

Thanks for everyone's support. Stay tuned for more updates!

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